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St. John the Apostle Council

Chairman: Open Position



Chairman: Open Position     

CouncilCouncilIf you would like to volunteer for this one year position, please contact the Grand Knight or the Chancellor.


Our goal is to strengthen men and their families in the Catholic faith. Formation in our faith goes beyond mere facts or religious practice to an authentic connection with a loving God and his son Jesus Christ. Programs in this category are designed to draw us closer to God and the Church in a tangible and meaningful way.

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Rosary Program

5th Sunday Rosary Program

The Rosary is a school, that is, a method of prayer for all times and seasons. For many centuries, Catholics have turned to the Rosary to learn the Gospel, to contemplate the face of Christ in their ordinary lives, and during times of conflict and danger.

Pope John Paul II urged us to pray the Rosary for Peace and for the Family. His words are significant and just as timely today as he beseeches us to make a revival of the Rosary. The need to implore from God the Gift of Peace, with the Rosary as our prayer. One cannot pray the Rosary without feeling caught up in a clear commitment to advancing peace.

Another need for commitment and prayer arises in relation to another critical contemporary issue: the Family, the primary cell of society, increasingly threatened by forces of disintegration on both the moral and practical planes, so as to make us fear for the future of this fundamental and indispensable institution and, with it, for the future of society as a whole. The revival of the Rosary in Christian Families, within the context of a broader Pastoral Ministry to the Family, is an effective aid to countering the devastating effects of these crises, typical of our age.

All are invited and encouraged to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary by participating in this great devotion.

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RSVP Program

A Higher Purpose

rsvp Keep the faith alive by supporting our seminarians and postulants. As the strong right arm of the church, the Knights of Columbus are committed to providing moral, financial and spiritual support to future priests and religious at all stages of their formation.


RSVP- Refund Support Vocational Program. This is an active program to support 3 Serminarians Chris Weyer, Charley Palmer and Charlie Tomayo.

Into the Breach Program

A Higher Purpose

faith-into-the-breach Deepen member spirituality and formation to combat crisis of religious faith in our world. Knights of Columbus councils will institute men's study groups to read the apostolic exhortation Into the Breach and use copies of the Into the Breach Booklet (#340) and Study Guide (#10458) as resources.


In his apostolic exhortation Into the Breach, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted outlines the challenges faced by men of faith in the world today. Into the Breach is a call to battle for Catholic men which urges them to wholeheartedly embrace masculine virtues in a world at crisis. By reading and discussing Bishop Olmsted's inspirational words and accompanying study guide, councils will prayerfully examine the enormous breach in the battle line that lies before them. In doing so, they will begin to devise a personal plan of spiritual battle.

Spiritual Reflection Program

A Higher Purpose

faith-spiritual-reflection.jpg Create annual opportunities for prayer and reflection as a fraternity. Under the guidance of their chaplain, Knights of Columbus councils can attend a retreat or day of reflection together or perhaps organize their own event for men of their parish. Council participation in Spiritual Reflection is required to qualify for Columbian Award.


The next program is slated for July 26-28 at the Franciscan University at Steubenville's Defending the Faith Conference.

Sacramental Gifts

A Higher Purpose


A Higher Purpose Support families during the most important events in the life of the domestic church: the sacraments. Knights of Columbus councils will play an integral role in these momentous faith events and the lives of families and the parish community through prayer and the presentation of symbolic gifts.


The sacraments stand as the most significant events in the life of the domestic church. The Knights of Columbus will be there to support and embrace parish families at these essential moments of encounter with Christ. As children and adult members become more integrated into the life of the church and their parish, they should know that members of the Knights of Columbus will always be present in a tangible and meaningful way, regardless of who else is there for them.